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National Printing Heritage Committee (NPHC)

This committee has responsibility for the duties and resources of the former National Printing Heritage Trust, which was wound up in 2016. The NPHC is made up of former Trustees of the NPHT and members of the main PHS committee. Its essential aims remain unchanged:

1. To attract public interest and raise financial support for the establishment of a National Museum of Printing.

2. To advise on, lobby for, and give financial assistance for the preservation, documentation and display of objects, materials and archives of historical or scientific interesting relating to printing and the associated arts and crafts.

In pursuit of these aims, the NPHC gives grants to support the preservation, restoration, transportation and accessibility of printing-related machinery, objects and archives. An outline list of selected grants and projects supported by the Trust and committee may be read here. To apply for a grant, or seek information on printing-historical objects, please contact the NPHC at

The Trust has compiled a Directory of historical printing equipment held by British museums, and a revised version of this will be mounted on the web as soon as possible, with the hope of further updating and enlarging the data available.

Please support the work of the NPHC by joining the Printing Historical Society (part of the membership fees of the Society go to support the work of the Committee). The Society has a special category of ‘Supporting Member’ for those who wish to make additional donations to support grant-giving and the work of the Committee.