Journal Indices

The Index volumes 1 to 28 of the Journal

The Index, compiled by Paul W. Nash, appeared in October 2005. It covers the Journals printed between 1965 and 1999 (our first series) and includes between 5,000 and 6,000 entries, from the early eighteenth-century Madrid printer Diego Martinez Abad, to Zuccato's Papyrograph. Printers, type designers and typefounders, printing processes, inventors, scholars of printing history, printing machinery from the hand and machine periods, trade societies, many categories of printed materials--all are present. Copies may be purchased using our online order form and are also available from our Publications Officer for £14.00 (members £10).

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Index by authors, PHS Journal new series, 1-17 (2000-11)

Banham, Robert, Gye and Balne: printing families, n.s. 5 (2003) 17-42
Banham, Robert, Lottery advertising 1800-1826, n.s. 13 (2009) 17-60
Banham, Robert, Nineteenth-century jobbing: the printing methods of Gye and Balne, n.s. 11 (2008) 25-64
Barker, Nicolas, John Dreyfus, typographical adviser and historian: an obituary, n.s. 6 (2003) 3-6
Batey, Charles, see Ritter
Bell, John, see Trevitt
Benson, Charles, The reward for honest toil: wages in the printing trade in early nineteenth-century Dublin, n.s. 12 (2008) 47-60
Boag, Andrew, Monotype and phototypesetting, n.s. 2 (2000) 57-77
Desmyter, see Oldham
Bolton, Claire, Cloth impression marksin the fifteenth-century editions of Johann Zainer--evidence for paper damping?, n.s. 12 (2008) 5-33
Delsaerdt, Pierre, Typographic design and renaissance lexicography: Cornelis Kiliaan's dictionaries of the Dutch language, n.s. 17 (2011) 23-47
Dobraszczyk, Paul, Dream reading? Designing and using Victorian gardening catalogues, n.s. 15 (2010) 49-75
Flood, John L., On Gutenberg's 600th anniversary: towards a history of jubilees of printing, n.s. 1 (2000) 5-36
Grant, Geoffrey L., The English State Lottery 1694-1826, n.s. 13 (2009) 5-16
Greenland, Maureen, Whiting and Branston's lottery printing, n.s.13 (2009) 61-79
Harvey, Michael, John Ryder: a memoir, n.s. 3 (2001) 41-48
Hinks, John, Local and regional studies of printing history: context and content, n.s. 5 (2003) 3-15
Hudson, Graham, Artistic printing: a re-evaluation, n.s. 9 (2006) 31-63
Kassler, Michael, Philippe André and the Introduction of Lithography to England, n.s. 17 (2011) 5-21
Kindel, Eric, Delight of men and gods: Christiaan Huygen's new method of printing, n.s. 14 (2009) 5-40
Kindel, Eric, Patents progress: the Adjustable Stencil, n.s. 9 (2006) 65-92
Law, Edward J., The introduction of anastatic printing to America, n.s. 14 (2009) 41-55
Lubell, Stephen, The use of Hebrew in the Antwerp Polyglot Bible, n.s. 16 (2010) 5-35
Mackarill, Diana R., George and George Robert Gitton, Printers, Bridgnorth, n.s. 4 (2002) 31-62
May, Alan, The one-pull press, n.s. 11 (2008) 65-89
May, Alan & Michael Twyman, Reconstructing a Senefelder pole press, n.s. 7 (2004) 5-21
McElligott Jason, Edward Crouch (c. 1622-1676): a poor printer in seventeenth-century London, n.s. 1 (2000) 49-73
Muench, Roger, The origins of modern filmsetting: the Uhertype: a research report, n.s. 3 (2001) 21-39
Nash, Paul W., Hansard's typographical banknote, n.s. 7 (2004) 55-70
Nash, Paul W., The abandoning of the long s in Britain in 1800, n.s. 3 (2001) 3-19
Nelson, Stan, Startling observations on early printing: re-examination of Gutenberg's types, n.s. 3 (2001) 49-51
Oldham, Robert and Erick Desmyter, The Liberty Press: a platen job press invented by Frederick Otto Degener, n.s. 10 (2007) 23-44
Palmer, Nigel F., Blockbooks: texts and illustrations printed from wood blocks, n.s. 11 (2008) 5-23
Pratt, Stephen, The myth of identical types: a study of printing variations from handcast Gutenberg type, n.s. 6 (2003) 7-17
Ridehalgh, Nan, Multicolour printing: the 'Jean Berté' watercolour printing process, n.s. 15 (2010) 5-48
Ritter, R. M., annotator, Horace Hart and the University Press, Oxford 1883-1915, by Charles Batey, n.s. 7 (2004) 22-35
Ritter, R. M., The birth of Hart's Rules, n.s. 7 (2004) 36-53
Smith, Margaret M., Printing red underlines in the incunable period: Sensenschmidt and Frisner's 1475 edition of Justinian's Codex n.s. 10 (2007) 45-57
Smith, Margaret M., Space-saving practices in early printed books, n.s. 6 (2003) 19-39
Stray, Christopher, Paper wraps stone: the beginnings of educational lithography, n.s. 9 (2006) 13-29
Thomas, Patricia, Bob Lowry: Printer to the University?, n.s. 10 (2007) 5-22
Thorn, Benjamin, F. T. Wimble, ink manufacturer, supplier to the printing trade, and Australian nationalist, n.s. 12 (2008) 35-45
Trevitt, John, John Bell, n.s. 12 (2008) 61-63
Turner, Gerard L'E., Techniques for the study of Renaissance mathematical instruments: punched and engraved lettering, n.s. 6 (2003) 41-50
Twyman, Michael, Trade cards of early British lithographers, n.s. 1 (2000) 37-48
Twyman, Michael, Supplement to the checklist of Michael Twyman's published writings, 1996-1998, printed in the Society's Bulletin 45, summer 1998, n.s. 17 (2011) 49-51
Twyman, Michael, see also May
Vervliet, H. D. L., Early Paris italics 1512-1549, n.s. 8 (2005) 5-55
Vervliet, H. D. L., Greek printing types of the French Renaissance: the 'grecs du roy' and their successors, n.s. 2 (2000) 3-55
Vervliet, H. D. L., The Greek typefaces of the early French Renaissance, n.s. 4 (2002) 3-29
Wigelsworth, Jeff, John Toland's economic imperative to print and financing the Harrington edition, n.s. 9 (2006) 5-12