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Print and its history

The following links relate to external websites that contain information on various areas of print and its history.

The Plantin-Moretus Museum, Antwerp (Belgium):

Maison Imprimerie, Thuin (Belgium):

The Museum of Printing, Bordeaux (France):

The Museum of Printing, Limoux (Aude, France):

The Museum of Printing, Lyons (France):

AMI – Atelier-Musée Imprimerie, Malesherbes (France)

The Museum of Printing, Nantes (France):

Museum of the Printing Arts, Leipzig (Germany):

The Gutenberg Museum, Mainz (Germany):

The Pavillon-Presse Printing Museum, Weimar (Germany):

The Bodoni Museum, Parma (Italy):

The Museum of Typography, Chania (Crete):

The National Print Museum, Dublin (Ireland):

Museum Enschedé (Netherlands):

The Dutch Museum of Lithography in Valkenswaard (Nederlands Steendrukmuseum) (Netherlands):

The Norwegian Printing Museum, Stavanger (Norway):

The St Bride Printing Library, London:

Scottish Printing Archival Trust:

John Jarrold Printing Museum, Norwich (UK):

Beck Isle Museum, Pickering, North Yorkshire (UK):

The Ephemera Society:

The Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at The University of Reading:

British Book Trade Index:

The Typographic Hub:

The Baskerville Society:

The Centre for Printing History and Culture:

Association of European Printing Museums:
(Use the Museum Finder to locate printing museums around the world; the Links page provides links to many other printing historical resources.)

Penrith Museum of Printing, New South Wales (Australia):

The Museum of Printing, Québec (Canada)

The Museum of ancient Asian woodblocks and prints, Wonju (South Korea) (in Korean only)
Photo gallery (hosted on Flickr by AEPM):

The Printing Museum, Paraparaumu (New Zealand):

The American Printing History Association:

The International Printing Museum, Carson, California:

The Museum of Printing History, Houston, Texas:

Other links

The following links relate to external websites that contain information in related areas of scholarly interest. A longer list may be found on the Selected Links page of the British Book Trade Index website.

Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing:

The Bibliographical Society of Canada / La Société bibliographique du Canada:

Book History Research Network:

James Mosley’s weblog:

David Bolton’s ‘Type Cases’ pages:

Alan May’s Makerpress website:

British Letterpress:

Resources at The Circuitous Root® Typefoundry and Press:

Website celebrating Garamond and the 450th anniversary of the birth of Claude Garamont (2011):

Bill Elligett’s ‘Letterpress printing in the 1960s’: – a calendar of printers’ meetings:

The New Baxter Society: